14 countries have qualified to the World Cup 2022 now!


14 countries have qualified to the World Cup 2022 now!

World Cup 2022 – Qualifying rounds


What’s happening now with the World Cup 2022?

There are 297 days left to see ball rolls at the Al Bayt Stadium, the first-ever FIFA World Cup to be held in the autumn! We are all excited about waving flags from different countries during the World Cup 2022 since this is the most awaited football tournament in the whole world of sports.


Currently, Iran has qualified to the 2022 FIFA World Cup, becoming the 14th team that booked the direct ticket to Qatar. Before Iran, Spain, Serbia, Denmark, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Croatia, France, England, Belgium, Germany, Brazil, Argentina, and Qatar had also qualified and now they are getting ready to compete and lift the most beloved sportive cup!


How Iran became the 14th qualified team


Iran became the 14th team to qualify for the Qatar 2022 World Cup after a 1-0 win over Iraq. According to media reports, Porto striker Taremi's goal secured qualification for Skocic's side three matchdays before the end of the Asian qualifying phase in Group A.


On the other hand, Persian team could be the next qualifier, collecting 19 points out of a possible 21 to qualify for their third consecutive World Cup. Media reports mention that Persian team failed in Brazil 2014 and Russia 2018 to advance from the groups. However, they will try to go further ahead this World Cup 2022.

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South Korea is another team that is very close to qualify, which is the second one in the group A. They won in Lebanon (0-1), due to Cho's goal, puts them one step away from the prize. Moreover, goals from Osako (penalty) and Ito gave Japan a 2-0 win over China, who have not taken part in a World Cup since 2002.


In Group B, Saudi Arabia leads with 16 points (with one game in hand), Japan is second with 15 and Australia third, in the playoff zone, with 14 after a 4-0 win over Vietnam. Now, let’s find out what’s next with the qualifying rounds.

World Cup 2022


What’s next with the qualifying rounds?


Nowadays, several confederations are battling out the 18 places that are pending to qualify. Therefore, CONMEBOL, CONCACAF and Asia are now playing qualifiers to determine the last 19 teams that will be at the World Cup 2022.


According to media reports, the coronavirus pandemic forced the postponement of several qualification windows and that is why CONMEBOL (South America), CONCACAF (North America, Central America, and the Caribbean) and Asia will now play a double, or even triple, date with much to be determined:


“A setback for the leagues, which see how their competitions are stopped in the middle of winter without several of their key players (Vinicius, Alves, Luis Suarez, Ocampos...), but that will serve to balance the calendar”, reports say.


So, the World Cup 2022 groups will be drawn in Doha on March 31st, 2022 to complete the qualifying rounds, except for Oceania and the intercontinental play-offs, which will decide the last two World Cup participants in June.

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South America's qualifying matches


Brazil and Argentina have already classified, two remarkable teams with great odds. Even though, seven more teams can lift the World Cup 2022. The only country out of the running is Venezuela, but South America has more to offers since Ecuador got 23 points, so it is getting so close to the World Cup.


On the other hand, Colombia has got 17 points, with direct qualifying although Peru, also with 17 and in the playoff zone, will put up a fight. The other ones pending to qualify are Chile (16 points), Uruguay (16 points), Bolivia (15 points) and Paraguay (13 points).


Diego Alonso's new 'Celeste', double world champion and with stars such as Luis Suarez, Cavani, Valverde, Gimenez can be defeated on the field. They visit Paraguay and host Venezuela in a winter window in which sparks will fly in direct duels such as Colombia-Peru. Then, in March, there will be two matches to determine who might qualify.


Asians qualifying rounds


Asian countries are also getting ready for the World Cup 2022! As mentioned before, one of the next qualifiers might be South Korean team if they win in Lebanon. Both are 10 and 8 points behind the United Arab Emirates, who are third in the Asian play-off zone.

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In B, Saudi Arabia is first with 16 points, Japan is second with 12 and Australia third with 11, in a playoff spot. Behind them come Oman (7 points) and a China (5 points) that is on the ropes. If they lose to the Japanese, they will be practically out:


“In addition, a hard blow in a double-header with several key matches: Saudi Arabia-Oman, Japan-Saudi Arabia, Oman-Australia. In Asia, two teams will qualify directly from each group and the two third-placed teams will play each other over two legs, with the winner going into the intercontinental play-off against the fifth-place team from CONMEBOL”, media reports have said.

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CONCACAF: Which American countries will qualify?


North America, Central America and the Caribbean are getting ready for the qualifying rounds. One of the favorite ones is Canada, which has not been in the World Cup since Mexico 1986, leading with 16 points. As you can see, Canada can give us a surprise this year!


Conforming to media, the second and third place respectively are United States and Mexico. It’s important to say that even they have participated in most World Cup Editions, they haven’t lifted the Cup yet. However, both teams get more points than other countries from CONCACAF.


“United States team is willing to come back this World Cup 2022, after missing out. The American team has got 15 points and Mexico 14, both in the direct qualification zone. Panama with 14 points is now in the playoffs, while Costa Rica with 9, Jamaica with 7, El Salvador with 6 and Honduras 3 are further back”, media reports said.


There are five rounds to go. However, there are so many things to define in the following three matches. In the next round, Keylor Navas from Costa Rica hosts Panama in a direct duel: if they lose, they will drop eight points with 12 points to play and almost say goodbye to Qatar.

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Even though, if they win, they will be in the thick of things, as they then visit Mexico. There will also be 'hot' matches such as Canada-USA and Mexico-Panama. The most exciting matches are coming very soon!


Africa and Europe will have their turn in March


Everything will be defined in March since CONMEBOL, CONCACAF and Asia will continue battling for qualify. Moreover, European, and African countries are on the same battle through the three routes to Qatar set by UEFA, looking for three more teams to qualify for the finals.


Conforming the media, Group A will have their participation with Scotland, Russia, Poland, Sweden, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Wales, and Australia. Those nations will class in a single-leg-semifinal, expecting to lift the cup:


“In A, Scotland-Ukraine and Wales-Austria will clash in a single-leg semi-final in search of the final for a World Cup berth. In B, Russia-Poland and Sweden-Czech Republic will compete for the prize”, media reports said.


Also, there are Group C matches coming soon with Italy, Macedonia, Portugal and Turkey: “Italy-Macedonia of the North and Portugal-Turkey in 'semis' with a possible final between the 'Azzura' and the 'Seleçao das Quinas'. A 'bogeyman' will be out of the World Cup and several stars, too: Bale, Alaba, Cristiano, Lewandowski, Chiesa, Ibrahimovic are at stakes”.


Furthermore, the same will happen in Africa: The qualifying round-robin groups were drawn in five round-robin ties between the 10 survivors of the qualifiers, with Egypt-Senegal, Cameroon-Algeria, Ghana-Nigeria, DR Congo-Morocco, and Mali-Tunisia.


On the other hand, Salah and Mané will compete to be in Qatar, some of the best players coming from the African teams. Mahrez, Achraf, Thomas could also miss the World Cup. So, five places remain to be decided while the Africa Cup is at stake.


Oceania and international play-offs


Oceania will get closer in March with two single-match group stages (17-24) which will be played. Group A will include Solomon Islands, Tahiti, Vanuatu, and the winner of the Tonga-Cook Islands match.


On the other hand, Group B includes New Caledonia, Fiji, Papua New Guinea and New Zealand, the big favorite. The top two from each group will then meet in a 'mini-tournament', with a one-round semi-final and final between March 27th, 2022, and March 30th, 2022.


Conforming to recent media news, the winner will play the intercontinental play-off against the fourth-placed team from CONCACAF in a single match on June 13-14 in Qatar. They will take the penultimate place, as the last place will go to the winner of the play-off between the Asian third-placed team and the fifth-place team from CONMEBOL. Therefore, all 32 teams will be in the World Cup, having a lot to play for!

world cup 2022


Summarize of the schedules: Play-offs in Europe


Play-offs in Europe were scheduled from March 24th to the 29th in semifinals and final in single match format. These are the next matches from Group A, Group B and Group C to be held during the next months:

  1. Group A:

  2. ️⚽️ Scotland-Ukraine

  3. ️⚽️ Wales-Austria
  5. Group B

  1. ️⚽️ Russia-Poland

  2. ️⚽️ Sweden-Czech Republic

  3. Group C

  4. ️⚽️ Italy-Northern Macedonia

  5. ️⚽️ Portugal-Turkey


Qualifiers from Africa


The next qualifying rounds from Africa will be first-leg format (scheduled from March 24th to the 26th, 2022) and second-leg format (From March 27th to the 29th). Let’s check out which teams will play to qualify for the World Cup 2022:

  1. ️⚽️ Egypt-Senegal

  2. ️⚽️ Cameroon-Algeria

  3. ️⚽️ DR Congo-Morocco

  4. ️⚽️ Mali-Tunisia


Who is the favorite for the Qatar 2022 World Cup?


Many bookmakers have started offering quotas for the World Cup 2022, one of the most eagerly awaited events in the soccer calendar, the European Championship and the Copa America have determined strong candidates.


After the end of Euro 2020, which ended with Italy beating England at Wembley in the final, it is time to concentrate on the next major international tournament: the World Cup 2022! Now, many bookmakers are willing to analyze the best odds to determine who the time with most possibilities to win is.


World Cup 2022 betting odds: favorites


According to some sources, France is one of the main favorites to win the 2022 World Cup conforming to the odds of the main bookmakers. The victory of the French team, who did not go beyond the round of 16 at this European Championship, is offered at an average odd of 6.00.


On the other hand, the second tier goes to Brazil, being the most preferred South American team. Brazil team players are runners-up in the Copa America 2020 and with a very close odds to Deschamps' team, with their victory reaching 6.50 per euro bet at the main bookmakers.


Other countries that have great odds are Spain and Germany. Spain comes from a group of teams with slightly higher odds, including Spain, having odds of 8.50 per euro bet, as does the European runner-up, England, with the same chances. Slightly higher is Germany, whose victory is priced at 8.00.


Moreover, Argentinian team is also in the list of countries with great odds. The Copa America champions, Argentina, are in double digits, with odds of 12.00 per euro wagered. On the other hand, Belgium, has a world champion odd of 10.00 due to its soccer performance.


In short, the countries with the best odds are Belgium, Germany, Brazil, France, Argentina, and Spain since they have shown a great soccer performance during diverse matches. However, there are many qualifying rounds left and therefore, odds can change.

Countries with good odds Countries who have qualified
  Region           Countries     
America: Brazil/Argentina West Spain, Serbia, Denmark, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Croatia, France,        England, Belgium, Germany, Brazil, and Argentina
Europe: France, Spain, Germany and Belgium.
Asia/Africa: South Korea East Qatar, Iran
Oceania: New Zealand

Even though, whether the odds might change, we are expecting with lots of excitement one of the greatest soccer events ever held, especially considering that this World Cup is going to be one of the most awaited soccer events in this century and we can be sure we will enjoy the best of soccer this 2022!


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