How to understand soccer before betting on the World Cup 2022


How to understand soccer before betting on the World Cup 2022

Betting on the world Cup 2022

Want to bet on World Cup 2022? Make sure you understand the game!

There are hundreds and millions of soccer fans (like me) that love football matches, but we need to understand better what happens on the field during the game to know better how to bet on an event like the World Cup 2022.


According to media news, FIFA has been playing out the 2022 FIFA World Cup in the most recent weeks. As you know, FIFA World Cup will be held in November and December 2022 and thirteen countries have qualified, including France, Germany, Brazil, Switzerland, Argentina, England, Spain, Denmark, Netherlands, Qatar (host), Serbia, Belgium, and Croatia.


However, there are 19 countries pending to qualify since 32 teams will compete for the cup. Qualifying rounds and round-robin games have been scheduled for January and the next months coming. Conforming to media reports, “Many of the stadiums will be filled with 50,000 or 60,000 people next winter, with several modern stadiums being built for the tournament”.


Most experts assure that England, Brazil, and France have got the best winning odds for the World Cup 2022, but we must wait for the next qualifying rounds to have a better perspective of the teams with the best winning chances to lift the World Cup 2022. Want to know which teams, players and matches have the best odds? Keep reading and discover it!


What does World Cup History say?


History always says the truth no matter what! I mean, if you want to understand how to identify the best odds for this World Cup 2022, check out the results of past World Cups. First, let’s remember what teams have lifted the cup more than once in History. In total, 21 teams have won the football World Cup in History.


According to the records, Brazil is the team with most World Cup tittles in History since they have won five times in 1958, 1962 1970, 1994 and 2002 respectively. Certainly, the number of titles make Brazil one of the favorite ones, but other countries like Germany, England and France have best odds too for this season.


When talking about World Cup titles, Italy and Germany share the second place; Italy lifted the cup in 1934, 1938, 1982 and 2006. Even there are countries that have got best odds for this World Cup 2022, Italy can surprise us!


On the other hand, Germany had won in 1954, 1974 1990 and 2014 and this is not surprising since Germany is a methodic and well-organized team, having a great performance on the field, that’s why they have great odds.


France, Argentina, and Uruguay have lifted the cup twice respectively; Uruguay have won in 1930 and 1950, Argentina in 1978 and 1986 and France in 1998 and 2018. As you can see, even they have the same number of titles, France is one of the favorites in the current time. Otherwise, Spain and England have won just once, Spain in 2010 and England in 1966, but even Spain have lifted the cup recently, England has best odds.

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Historical data can give you a better perspective to make your own odds, but there is something crucial to understand which teams, players or matches can be favored by the odds: understand football in depth.


The best soccer players in the World Cup History


History shows how persistence, passion and performance makes a football player a remarkable one. Managers, sponsors, committees, and businesspeople are involved, but the ones who are on the bottom of soccer’s heart, they are certainly the players on the field!

  1. ✔️ Pele: One of the most Brazilian football stars was Pele. When he was 17 years old, he made Brazil win their first World Cup in 1958. Moreover, he took part of the World Cup winning Brazilian side in 1962 and 1970. According to experts, “He is the all-time top scorer for Brazil and has scored 1281 goals in all competitions. He used to play for Brazilian club Santos”.

  2. ✔️ Diego Maradona: Diego Maradona has been considered one of the greatest players of the world as he overcame all obstacles with his skills successfully on the camp. He outstood in World Cup 1986 and leaded his country to victory with is second goal against England in the quarter-final, perhaps the best goal of the century. Even tough, his first goal in the same game also made him shameful in the eyes of some English football fans, critics, and media.

  3. ✔️ Lionel Messi: Lionel Messi is one of the best football players for the 21st century, being one of the key members of Argentina national team and Spanish club Barcelona as well. Messi has made history for both teams and he can control the ball like a magician, and he is able to chance the style of this natural performance if the situation requires so.

  4. ✔️ Cristiano Ronaldo: According to the soccer critic Kev Rob, he is one of those players who have grown through the time: “Whenever he was criticized for his performance, he has silenced the critics with his commendable skill. He has left no stone unturned to prove it times and again why he is called one of the best players in the world”. Ronaldo is one of the winning members of the Euro 2016 and the UEFA Champions League 2016 and one of the key players on the Real Madrid team and the leader player of Portugal National team. However, there’s a controversy if Ronaldo will participate or not this World Cup and that’s why all Portuguese fans have fingers crossed to make Ronaldo keep playing this World Cup!

  5. ✔️ Ronaldinho: Another Brazilian remarkable star since he has got an unparalleled skill and talent there is only a few to who can match that being part of the Barcelona and Real Madrid squad, “he has helped both of these teams claim success”, experts say.


Understanding soccer deeply


If you want to bet on the World Cup 2022, you must understand what happens on the field. You can find many types of bets and hundreds of tipsters but identifying the features of the game is the main thing about betting. If you want to start betting on football world cup, analyze all matches, techniques, countries performance, etcetera. Information and knowledge mean power when betting!


There are two reasons to bet: for fun or to make profits, but no matter what your aim is, you must be responsible and spend a budget you are willing to lose. Even tough, if you bet for fun or to make some money, it is important to have sufficient knowledge about the game.


The main basic features to understand about soccer: attacking principles


What to know which team or player to bet on? If you understand attacking and defending principles that they apply, you will know which players are performing great and who aren’t. Therefore, you will have a clearer idea about which teams or players you can bet on. I recommend you watch games as much as possible to start identifying these principles and understand them for the best. Continue reading and discover them!


What means attacking principles in soccer?


First, you must understand that the first attacker role is to reach penetration, take advantage of improvisation and keep possession. When your team has the ball, the main objective is to reach penetration, what means moving the ball forward. The best penetration is to have a shot and scoring a goal, but how do we get to that position.


The first attacker (the player who has the ball) should attempt to attack the space behind the defender, it might be done in several ways and does depend on where the ball is. In short, the attacking principles are: Penetration, Depth, Width, Mobility, Improvisation and Shooting.


Dribbling past a defender


To dribble successfully means to bring the ball past defenders legitimately and create chances to score. Some of the strategies you can watch on the field is when a player passes the ball behind a defender to a second attacker and rapidly offers support to that player when he is putting the ball and into the space behind the defender, either by a pass to himself or a wall pass.


Also, it is important to identify if he is looking to run at angles to get behind the defender. Furthermore, it might be required to create space behind the defender to take advantage of that space and have space behind the defender by committing the defender to challenge and inviting the defender forward when creating space behind the defender.


Moreover, you must know that the first attacker is also needed to possess the ball and keep it moving away from the defender’s range when taking the ball away from the defenders’ feet with the first touch and moving the ball into space, improvising trick defenders to make them move in the wrong way.


Attacking principles – Role of the second attackers


The second attacker(s) are the players in the immediate area of the first attacker. Their role is basically a support job to the first attackers to win the game. Basically, the role of the second attacker is to help the first attacker by supporting at many distances within the visual range of the first attacker. Other strategies of the second attackers are:


✔️ Giving the first attacker different options to make the first attacker look to get the ball forward as much as possible.


✔️ Giving the first attacker a great angle and clear line to pass the ball. When getting the ball, the support player must be placed to play the ball in the required direction (usually forward) with their first touch. Often, it is done by the delivery player having an open attitude.


✔️ If the first attacker is trying to dribble past the defender, the supporting players help to move away from the first attacker. So, the supportive attackers must be in continuous communication with the first attacker, allowing them to know of any dangers, or options that the first attacker is not aware of.


Attacking principles – Role of the third attackers


The third attackers are the other ones which are away from the quickest playing camp. Third attackers give support to the first and second attackers in several ways to make sure that the principles of the game are followed. They provide mobility, depth, width, and penetration by making runs on the blind side of defenders, attacking the space behind the defenders without the ball, running away from defenders which can get two outcomes.


In short, if you understand these attacking principles, you will understand in a better way what are the most important tactics and strategies of the game and therefore, you can notice what teams are worthy to bet on, at the same time you can identify which players can make it this World Cup 2022.


Summarize of the article


World Cup will be held in Qatar in November and December. This edition will be held from November 21st to December 18th , 2022 in Qatar, which obtained the organizing rights on December 2nd, 2010.


Now, thirteen teams qualified, but we are expecting nineteen more to qualify in the next months. Even tough, the teams with the winning odds for this year are Brazil, France, and England in the first term.


Qatar is preparing to welcome one million fans to the FIFA World Cup in 2022 and despite pandemic-related setbacks, preparations are nearing completion and the country's government says the tournament will be held in the face of all adversity.


Since many soccer fans are into soccer betting, you must consider understand the basics of the game to identify the main strategies that players do, so you can recognize which teams and players have the most winning possibilities. And if you are not into betting, you can just relax and enjoy the best of World Cup 2022 this November, with your best teams on the field.


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