Will World Cup 2022 affect Holidays?


Will World Cup 2022 affect Holidays?

How to enjoy Holidays and World Cup at the same time


Will the World Cup 2022 be held during Christmas time?

Believe or not, there is such a big controversy if World Cup 2022 will affect Holidays since many people will be watching the soccer matches on TV or pending about the soccer news. Studies point that televised sports can affect the ability to pay attention to family activities. However, if you consider some strategies that I will suggest you, you can enjoy the best of 2022 FIFA World Cup at the same time you have fun during Christmas.


Even tough, it is important to mention that FIFA World Cup 2022 will finish a week before Christmas celebrations: “FIFA president, Gianni Infantino has confirmed the dates for the next World Cup, which will take place in Qatar, and it is going to come very close to Christmas. Infantino has revealed that the first game of the 2022 tournament will kick off on November 21st and the final is scheduled for December 18th.”


Maybe you are wondering why the World Cup 2022 will be held form late-November to mid-December, but the answer is so simple. As Qatar keeps an intense heat during May, June and July, FIFA decided to schedule the World Cup 2022 in another date.


Recently, Qatar is getting ready to host the World Cup 2022: “The Arab Cup has been played out in Qatar in recent weeks, with the country continuing its preparations for the 2022 World Cup”, media reports say.


So, Qatar keeps preparing all for the world while we are also getting ready for enjoying the best football tournament. Therefore, we give you some advice to have fun during the World Cup at the same time you enjoy Holidays activities with no inconvenient.
World cup 2022


Ten tips to enjoy the Holidays and the World Cup 2022 at the same time


Consider streaming platforms


Streaming platforms let you watch the World Cup 2022 matches and qualifying rounds wherever you are without limits and restrictions. So, if you are travelling since you are on Holidays vacations, subscribing to a streaming platform can be your perfect choice to relax and not to miss all the excitement of the World Cup 2022:


“To watch FIFA World Cup without cable service, you must sign up to a live TV service, and you can find a list of alternatives further on. When it comes to watching content online with no cable, geo-location blocking (or region-restriction) is a common practice for live TV platforms.


Therefore, it doesn't permit channels to be accessed outside a certain area, mostly outside the US when traveling or if the channel is inaccessible in your region. The same applies to all FIFA broadcasters irrespective of country” media reports say.


However, most of the best live TV services and streaming platforms are available just for USA or nearby countries. Even though, if you sign up to a reliable VPN service, you can be subscribed to any platform you want. According to diverse media, some of the good available platforms are: FuboTV, Sling TV, Hulu, and many others:


“So, since accessing the channels that have broadcasting rights for Qatar 2022 could be geo-blocked, we recommend you get a VPN subscription to use while live streaming your favorite FIFA World cup matches. This will help you change your virtual location - to the US, in this case”. So, if you want to enjoy travelling and soccer at the same time, a VPN can be your best choice!


Organize your schedule


Organizing your schedule is vital if you have lots of this to attend during holidays. So, if you do not want to miss any match of the World Cup 2022, you must organize all your activities. I recommend you have an agenda or download an app that lets you manage your entire duties and events.


When getting the app, take 15 minutes day per day to write down your next day activities and plan, considering writing down your personal, professional, and sportive activities as well. So, do not forget to write when to watch the World Cup 2022 matches.


In addition, you can create your own planner and being multitask. If you become into a multitasking person, it means that you can be enjoying your soccer matches by streaming platforms at the same time you are having your dinner, sending a report, etcetera.


However, if you want to combine tasks, you must be careful. This advice just suits to very organized and focused people, so if you are not able enough for doing so, avoid multitasking. Furthermore, manage your time avoiding procrastination to not get stressed when celebrating family activities and watching your favorite soccer matches. Remember: planning, organization and good time management are your allies if you are into the World Cup games!


Give presents related to World Cup 2022


There are some presents you can give related to World Cup 2022 such as albums, soccer balls, official t-shirts from your favorite teams, and many more. And if you can go to Qatar, you can bring to your family and friends some Qatari souvenirs to give special presents on Holidays. Remember that the most important thing is to celebrate with your loved ones and enjoy your favorite soccer matches, no matter what you are giving to.


Watch soccer matches with family (if possible)


We know that maybe not your entire family will enjoy the soccer matches when the World Cup is held. However, you can suggest hanging out together to watch soccer matches in a restaurant or organize a family meeting at home with your favorite meals to enjoy the matches while you are spending time with your loved ones at home.


Schedule videocalls in case you are in Qatar


If you can book your ticket to Qatar, maybe you will be off for many days long. In this case, we recommend you scheduling videocalls to keep in touch with your family and friends whenever you are off. Do not forget that, even you are passionate about soccer, during December it is vital to be close to family and friends. Therefore, scheduling videocalls is a great option if you travel to Qatar during the World Cup 2022.


Share your soccer passion with your loved ones


Once again: maybe your grandma, husband, wife, or children hate soccer, but you can try to convince them to watch soccer with you as a way to spend good times together. If they are not much into soccer, try to share your passion with them and who knows, maybe they will become soccer addicts.


If you cannot make it, you will watch your soccer games alone, but as mentioned before, you can organize your own agenda in order to spend time with family and have fun with soccer matches without make your loved ones get affected when doing so.


Do not underestimate watching reprises on TV


Watching live soccer matches makes me feel so excited and maybe it also happens to you. However, as family, friends and work are priority in most of us lives, we recommend you considering watching reprises on TV if you do not have the possibility to watch them live.


As mentioned previously, getting together with family is a must during Holidays for many people, so do not forget it even you are the most passionate about soccer. Matches have reprises, but life moments don’t.


Get ready with your soccer bets (in case you are into betting)


Football betting makes more exciting soccer matches but remember to be careful. If you want to put your bets on a match, player, or result, you must make sure that you are choosing a reliable bookmaker and your bankroll management is correct.


Remember that responsibility is required when betting on soccer on any other sport. In fact, if you want to start betting on soccer, you must be old enough with no exception since soccer betting is an activity just allowed for adults. So, avoid betting in case you are not.


Do not forget to take care of yourself due to the pandemic


If you travel to Qatar or if you watch the soccer matches in restaurants, bars, or cafeterias, do not forget to wear your mask, carry your gel alcohol, and wash your hands whenever it is required. I understand that soccer makes you feel so excited, but you must take care of yourself if you are out of home.

World cup 2022


Have fun and relax


This is probably the most important thing. When watching soccer matches, do not forget to enjoy them with no stress, so be as organized as possible to avoid stressing during the World Cup 2022 to have fun.


Where to watch the World Cup 2022 matches?


Most of us cannot travel to Qatar, so we are getting ready to watch the soccer matches on TV. If you do not want to miss all the excitement of the World Cup 2022, here are the list of international channels where you can watch the soccer matches on TV.


Many channels offer streaming services, but you must make sure before. Even though, if you local TV doesn’t offer a streaming platform, we recommend you again getting a VPN service to enjoy all the fun that soccer matches can offer. Now, check out our list and do not miss all the fun during the World Cup 2022.

World cup 2022


List of channels to watch the World Cup 2022 – Source: CricketZine

  1. ✔️Albania: RTSH
  2. ✔️Armenia: ARMTV
  3. ✔️Australia: SBS
  4. ✔️Austria: ORF
  5. ✔️Azerbaijan: İTV
  6. ✔️Belarus: BTRC
  7. ✔️Belgium: VRT, RTBF
  8. ✔️Bolivia: Unitel
  9. ✔️Bosnia and Herzegovina: BHRT
  10. ✔️Brazil: TV Globo, SporTV
  11. ✔️Bulgaria: BNT
  12. ✔️Canada: CTV, TSN, RDS (Bell Media)
  13. ✔️Caribbean: DirectTV, SportsMax
  14. ✔️China: CCTV
  15. ✔️Croatia: HRT
  16. ✔️Cyprus: CyBC
  17. ✔️Czech Republic: ČT
  18. ✔️Estonia: ERR
  19. ✔️Europe: European Broadcasting Union (EBU)
  20. ✔️France: TF1, beIN Sports
  21. ✔️Germany: ARD, ZDF, Deutsche Telekom
  22. ✔️Greece: ANT1
  23. ✔️Georgia: GPB
  24. ✔️Hungary: MTVA
  25. ✔️Iceland: RÚV
  26. ✔️India: Sony Pictures Network
  27. ✔️Ireland: RTÉ
  28. ✔️Israel: IPBC
  29. ✔️Italy: RAI
  30. ✔️Kosovo: RTK
  31. ✔️Latvia: LTV
  32. ✔️Lithuania: LRT
  33. ✔️Luxembourg: RTL Group
  34. ✔️Malta: PBS
  35. ✔️Mexico: Televisa, Sky México, TUDN, TV Azteca
  36. ✔️MENA: beIN Sports
  37. ✔️Moldova: TRM
  38. ✔️Montenegro: RTCG
  39. ✔️Netherlands: NOS
  40. ✔️New Zealand: SKY Sport NZ
  41. ✔️North Macedonia: MRT
  42. ✔️Pakistan: PTV Sports, Ten Sports
  43. ✔️Peru: Latina
  44. ✔️Poland: TVP
  45. ✔️Portugal: RTP
  46. ✔️Romania: TVR
  47. ✔️Russia: Perviy Kanal, VGTRK, Match TV, 2Sports2
  48. ✔️Serbia: RTS
  49. ✔️Slovakia: RTVS
  50. ✔️Sweden: SVT, TV4
  51. ✔️Switzerland – SRF
  52. ✔️Turkey: TRT
  53. ✔️Ukraine: Suspilne
  54. ✔️United Kingdom: BBC, ITV
  55. ✔️United States: Fox, Telemundo
  56. ✔️Sub-Saharan Africa: SuperSport
  57. ✔️Spain: MEDIAPRO
  58. ✔️Qatar: 2Sports2

Summarize of the World Cup 2022


World Cup 2022 is the 22nd edition of this international championship, the biggest tournament contested by the national teams of the member associations of FIFA after every four years. According to many sources: “The FIFA World Cup 2022 is scheduled to be held in Qatar from November 21st to December 18th, 2022. This will be the first World Cup ever to be held in the Arabian nation and the second World Cup completely contested in Asia. 32 teams will participate in the tournament”.


Lusail Iconic Stadium, Al Bayt Stadium, Ras Abu Aboud Stadium, Al Thumama Stadium, Education City Stadium, Ahmed bin Ali Stadium, Khalifa International Stadium, and Al Janoub Stadium are the venues of the World Cup 2022, which means all matches will be played right there.

World cup 2022

On the other hand, 64 games will be played in total, including 48 group stage matches, eight matches from round of 16, four quarterfinals, two semifinals, a third-place game and the final which will take place on December 18th. These are the most important dates of the World Cup 2022:

  1. ️⚽️ Group Stage: November 21st – December 2nd, 2022
  2. ️⚽️ Round of 16: December 3rd – December 2022
  3. ️⚽️ Quarterfinals: December 9th – December 10th, 2022
  4. ️⚽️ Semifinals: December 13th –December 14th, 2022
  5. ️⚽️ Third-place match: December 17th, 2022
  6. ️⚽️ Final: December 18th2022

Now that you have all information you need to enjoy the best of men’s international soccer without losing any Holidays moment, it is time to start getting ready for watching the World Cup 2022, maybe one of the most expected soccer competitions ever held.


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