Why is the World Cup 2022 the event of the year?


Why is the World Cup 2022 the event of the year?

World Cup 2022: the event of the year


World Cup 2022: the greatest soccer event

Nothing compares to the World Cup 2022! Many bowling, cricket, tennis and soccer events might be held in a year, but World Cup 2022 makes people get together waving all world flags. As the name says, the World Cup involves the five continents around the world: Asia, America, Oceania, Africa, and Europe.

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Therefore, nations from around over the world get together as they were only one. In addition, World Cup allows host nations to increase tourism, financial incomes, and media exposure. So, World Cup 2022 is permitting Middle East to get media exposition as never seen before since many people are so excited about Qatar World Cup:


“The 27-day tournament will be held across eight stadiums in Qatar. It will be the first football World Cup to take place in the Middle East from November to December 2022”, media sources say.

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On the other hand, as Qatar will host the World Cup 2022, this football event will encourage Western and Easter nations to think about Humanity as only one nation; the idea of unity raises up when a major football event comes. That’s why people around the world always get excited when the World Cup is coming!


Moreover, whole families can sit together at home and watch the best of soccer in front of a TV, enjoying the best of soccer around over the world. According to FIFA, the 22nd finals, in Qatar, will be the first World Cup not held in May, June or July.


The tournament is scheduled to be played in a shortened timeframe between November 21 and December 18. The draw will take place in April 2022. Even though, how are World Cup 2022 preparations going? Check it out!

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Qualifiers and qualifying rounds


Which teams have qualified for Qatar 2022? As mentioned in previous articles, 15 teams have qualified to the greatest soccer competition: Qatar, Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Croatia, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Iran, The Netherlands, Serbia, South Korea, Spain, and Switzerland. Even tough, 17 teams are waiting for be qualified. Let’s check out qualifying rounds briefly.

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Africa qualifying rounds


A total of 40 teams take part in Africa matches and are divided into ten groups. The leaders qualify for the next round, in which there are five direct confrontations and in which the winners will obtain their pass to the World Cup 2022.


Five teams will represent Africa in the World Cup 2022 since FIFA is going to have five available quotas for African countries. Qualifying rounds will be held in March to decide which African nations will qualify. Right now, no African nation has qualified yet, but all soccer fans have great expectations about some countries, especially Egypt since they count with one of the best African teams.




Conforming to diverse sources, the Asian World Cup qualifiers are divided into three rounds. In the first round, six teams qualified for the second round, in which 40 teams were divided into eight groups of five teams that play each other in a round-robin format. The leaders and the four best runners-up advance to the final round.


The final phase consists of two groups of six teams each, playing against each other. The top two in each zone have a ticket to the Qatar 2022 World Cup and the third-place teams face each other in a final playoff for a half ticket to the intercontinental playoff.

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Consequently, 4.5 quotas correspond to Asian nations. In other words, and according to FIFA rules, five or six teams, depending on other qualifiers, will represent Asia: “The top two teams in each group will qualify with the third-placed teams in each section, meeting in a single game for the right to go into an intercontinental playoff for a place at the World Cup”, FIFA statements say.


At this time, two Asian teams have qualified: Qatar and South Korea. From the two Asian nations, South Korea is one of the nations with best odds, compared to other Asian countries, but we can get surprises depending on the other nations.




The second-placed teams will participate in playoffs in which the two best teams from the Nations League that have not qualified directly will be added. Moreover, in World Cup tournaments, 13 quotas correspond to Europe.


Therefore, even ten European countries have already got the ticket to Qatar, three more nations might qualify for World Cup 2022 to represent Europe on the greatest football event ever seen. Therefore, Austria, Czech Republic, Italy, North Macedonia, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Scotland, Sweden, Turkey, Ukraine, and Wales have been qualified for play-offs.




The case of Oceania is also very special, as only 11 countries are competing for the only ticket at stake. In the first phase of the qualifiers, the 11 teams played in two round-robin groups. The top two teams from each group advanced to the next round:


“All FIFA member confederations, except the OFC (Oceania Football Confederation), have already started their qualification process for the next World Cup. The shortest continent can be represented with a maximum of one team; therefore, no representation might also be a possibility”, diverse media sources say.


On March 13th and the 30th, qualification rounds will take place to determine if a nation from Oceania can qualify. As mentioned before, a total of 32 teams will participate in the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar and maybe we can have one of the Oceania’s countries right there.


South America


Every time the World Cup takes place, ten South American teams face each other in a round-robin format. The first to fourth will qualify directly, while the fifth-place team will have to go to the play-offs to fight for a place in the World Cup.


Brazil and Argentina are the only South American qualifiers. However, Brazil has been the national team which more World Cups lifted. Even though, there are other South American countries that might qualify in a short-term future: “A minimum of four teams will represent South America. The top four teams will qualify automatically while the fifth-place finishers can qualify if they win an intercontinental playoff”.


As you can see, countries from America are divided into two groups, those which belong to CONCACAF (North, Central and Caribbean), making a total of 3.5 available quotas for this team and CONMEBOL, the association that leads South American football, which has always 3.5 available quotas for those teams. The draw for the group stage of the World Cup in Qatar will be in June or July 2022.


North, Central America and the Caribbean (CONCACAF)


The CONCACAF compete in a new format, an octagonal, in which the first three teams, after playing all against all, qualify directly for the World Cup, while the fourth will play a playoff against other confederations.


Even there are not CONCACAF qualifiers yet, North, Central America and Caribbean nations will play on the qualifying rounds. Most experts mention Canada is the North American country with more winning odds to qualify. However, surprises have been always expected:


“Three or four teams, depending on other qualifiers, will represent CONCACAF. The top three will qualify directly with the third-placed finishers going into an intercontinental playoff. After the latest round of qualifiers on February 2nd, Canada, USA, and Mexico continue to occupy the top three spots in the group”, several media sources say.


What makes this World Cup 2022 different than other ones?


The 2022 World Cup in Qatar has the particularity that it will not be played in summer, but in winter. In this way, FIFA wants to avoid the high temperatures that are reached during the summer season in the Asian country.

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The venues of the World Cup 2022


As mentioned in previous articles, the World Cup 2022 has eight venues in Qatar. It is important to mention that Qatari cities are very touristic places, so visitors can take some time to visit them at the same time they are enjoying the best of international soccer. According to several sources, these are the venues of the World Cup 2022 in Qatar:

  1. ✔️Rayan: Khalifa International Stadium, Qatar Foundation Stadium and Ahmed bin Ali Stadium

  2. ✔️Jor: Al Bayt Stadium

  3. ✔️Lusail: Lusail Iconic Stadium

  4. ✔️Doha: Ras Abu Aboud Stadium and Al Thumama Stadium

  5. ✔️Al Wakrah: Al Janoub Stadium


What is the most amazing thing about the World Cup 2022 venues?


We have mentioned the venues of the World Cup 2022. According to diverse media, the eight stadiums were professionally designed, built with enough amenities to make people enjoy the visit. Conforming to several sources, these are the stadiums and their features:

  1. ️⚽️ Al Thumama Stadium: After years of preparation, the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar, one of this year's most anticipated global events, is about to kick off. Since FIFA announced that Qatar would host the 2022 World Cup back in 2010, preparations at a total of eight stadiums have been in full swing, especially since it will be held in a country with critical weather conditions. According to diverse sources, the design has integrated 50,000 square meters of parkland, using indigenous trees to cover 84% of the landscape. The stadium was inaugurated during the 49th Amir Cup final on October 22, 2021.
  3. ️⚽️ Al Janoub Stadium: One of the oldest inhabited areas in southern Doha, built in Al Wakrah and set in a rich cultural site with a deep archaeological heritage. Conforming to media: “the design is inspired by the city's history of pearl diving, fishing, and traditional dhow boats. The 40,000-capacity stadium opened on May 16th, 2019, coinciding with the Amir Cup final”.
  5. ️⚽️ Al Bayt Stadium: Inspired by traditional nomadic tents, the 60,000-capacity stadium will hold the opening game of the 2022 FIFA World Cup and matches through to the semifinals. Located in the northern city of Al Khor, the stadium's design honors Qatar's past and present, enhancing the city's culture, traditions, and history. It was inaugurated in early 2020, coinciding with Qatar's National Sports Day.
  7. ️⚽️Ahmad bin Ali Stadium: Considered the home to one of Qatar's most celebrated soccer teams in the city of Al Rayyan, the Ahmad bin Ali Stadium celebrates its close-knit community by incorporating symbols of Qatari culture and traditions. Conforming to media, one of the main features of the design is the undulating façade, made with patterns that characterize different aspects of the country, such as "the importance of family, the beauty of the desert, the indigenous flora and fauna, as well as local and international trade." It has a capacity for 40,000 fans.
  9. ️⚽️ Stadium 974: Considered one of the most innovative stadium designs of the eight unveiled, Stadium 974, formerly known as Ras Abou Aboud, is inspired by Qatar's international trade and shipping. The number "974" is also very meaningful to the project, as it is Qatar's international marking code, as well as the number of shipping containers used in its construction. The structure is located on the waterfront, facing the skyline of Doha's West Bay and has a capacity of 40,000 people; it will be completely dismantled once the World Cup is over. The stadium was inaugurated on November 20, 2021.
  11. ️⚽️ Khalifa International Stadium: Built in 1976 in Al Rayyan, the Khalifa International Stadium has long been one of the most notable stadiums, having hosted the Asian Games, the Persian Gulf Cup, and the AFC Asian Cup, among other events. For this event, the stadium has been expanded to accommodate 40,000 fans and has been equipped with "innovative cooling technology" that will allow players to compete in a comfortable environment. The stadium's reopening ceremony took place in 2017.
  13. ️⚽️ Lusail Stadium: The 80,000-capacity Lusail Stadium is the largest of the eight structures and will host the final of the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar. The design is inspired by the play of light and shadow of the Fanar lantern. Due to its prominent location in Lusail, a newly built metropolis, the overall planning of the stadium features a streetcar system and lush green spaces, making it a setting focused on sustainability, human needs, and environmental conservation. Now, Qatar is still getting ready to hold the best of international soccer this 2022!

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